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Art with Amy
Online School and Art Club


Art with Amy is a place to learn and be inspired! Amy has decades of teaching her Art to others and is thrilled to now offer this online, making it accessible to all. The School launched in 2023 and is already one of the largest Online Art School programs catering to all ages of children in Australia, with almost 300 Students enjoying the process of creating Art with Amy!

Membership is a one off, lifetime access fee of $199 AU. Benefits include:



LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS (in age groups!)






To join up please email

Have more questions? Read on...


🎨 What ages is the School suitable for? All ages! Everyone needs to learn the basics first, and then the tutorials that follow always mention what level they’re suited to. All students abilities and needs are catered for.

🎨 What’s in the School? There are six foundation courses (Basics, Colour Theory, Coloured Pencils, Pastels, Procreate and Watercolours). As students complete each of these they get a certificate to print and badge for their profile.

Then there’s the “constantly updated” section! Lots of video tutorials, exercises, with lifetime access!

🎨 Why Lifetime Access? I’m possibly crazy doing Lifetime access for this price, but… I’m a mother of four and accessibility for all was number one for me. I didn’t want students to have to leave the school in a year because they couldn’t renew. Learning art is a journey that runs at a different pace for different kids.

🎨 Are you new to teaching Art? Nope, I’ve been teaching Art online and in person for over a decade now, and have my own bestselling book “You Can Draw - step by step with Amy Curran”.


🎨 What supplies do we need?
Firstly, please don’t feel you have to go shopping before the launch day. There are many tutorials that can be done with a lead pencil and paper. I’m a mum of four and I understand that everyone has a different budget for art supplies. Of course more expensive brands will produce a different result, BUT the techniques and skills can be learnt with any brand of pencil. I use Mont Marte coloured pencils in the tutorials I’m recording because that’s what most kids have. They’re priced mid range and come in packs of different sizes, I have the 72 pencil pack here, but the 24 pack is enough for beginner artists. When I was producing commissions (people paying me for coloured pencil portraits) I used Prismacolour, a higher priced pencil. Any brand that you can afford is ok! Just look for a pack size that has a couple of each colour, eg a light and a dark blue… a light and a dark green, etc.I talk about the pastel and watercolour supplies in the school if your child wishes to do those. Every part of the School is optional.

🎨 How do we access the site? Email to enrol. Please include your childs name and date of birth.

As well as the above, students are able to send their artwork to me for feedback or advice at any time. And ssshhh… there will also be an Annual STUDENTS ONLY Art competition! This has run the last two years and will now be exclusive to the school. 🤩

The YouTube question!

What’s the difference between the Art with Amy School and YouTube?

1. Inappropriate Content: YouTube hosts a vast amount of content, and not all of it is appropriate for children. This poses a risk of exposing children to content that is not suitable for their age group. Art with Amy is a secure site only accessed by a login. The teaching Artist Amy Curran is the only one who loads videos. Amy has a current working with children and police check.

2. Advertisements and Product Placement: YouTube generates revenue through advertising, and children are often targeted with ads, including ones promoting toys, games, and unhealthy food products. These ads can have a strong influence on children's preferences and behaviors, and they may not always differentiate between content and advertisements. There are no advertisements in the Art with Amy Online School. The only time a product is mentioned is in the supplies needed of a course or a tutorial.

3. Cyberbullying and Inappropriate Comments: The comment sections on YouTube can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying, hate speech, and other inappropriate interactions. Children may be exposed to hurtful comments or even become targets themselves. There are no public comments function available on the video tutorials within the Art with Amy online school. Students can contact Amy directly for feedback on work.

4. The video tutorials and courses within the Art with Amy Online school are designed and produced by an Australian Artist and mother of four (keen artists themselves!). They’re numbered in stages and students are guided through the levels in order. When a child goes on to YouTube there’s such a variance in skills required to do the videos… they will find basic tutorials but then when they want to go beyond that there’s a huge jump to adult type tutorials! This is where a lot of students give up! They’re too hard and students get disheartened because there wasn’t the steps in between the tutorials for them.

5. Students can ask Amy directly for feedback during the creation of their image 🤩

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